Legal services for Plovdiv and Sofia

Legal services for Plovdiv and Sofia
from Lawyer in Bulgaria

Legal services for Plovdiv and Sofia that cover all important aspects of law and legal advise based on the law.

Legal services – Plovdiv and Sofia

We will strive to dedicate our skills and expertise in solving your legal issue.

Legal services – CONTRACT LAW:
– Analysis and advice.
– Contract drafting.
– Court representation in contractual disputes.
– Order for payment court representation.
Legal services – COMMERCIAL LAW:
– Sole trader registration.
– Registration, changes and closing of companies.
– Analysis and advice.
– Court representation in commercial disputes.
– Complete subscription and legal services for companies.
Legal services – PROPERTY LAW:
– Property analysis and consultancy;
– Documents drafting and representation in property transfer (sale, endowment and exchange) and property burden (mortgages, pledges) deals.
– Analysis and advice on administrative violation finding acts and penalty decrees.
– Drafting of objections against administrative violation finding acts.
Legal services – FAMILY LAW:
– Marriage contract.
Consultations and preparation of securities in connection with the various modes of property relations between the spouses.
– Divorce by mutual consent and claim.
– Personal relationship after the divorce.
Legal services – SUCCESSION LAW:
– Preparation of wills.
–  Disclaimer of inheritance. 
Legal services – DOMESTIC VIOLENCE:
– Protection and representation in proceedings under the law on protection from domestic violence.
– Order for protection.
– Contesting.
Legal services – CRIMINAL LAW:
– Representation of pre-trial procedures.
– Judicial protection.
– Private accusation and a civil action in the criminal process.

Whenever you have some legal case or doubt or even just asking, it is always better to pay a small amount to consult with a lawyer.

A lawyer will give you professional advice and clarify all your options for action.

This is better than paying expensive afterwards (after a problem arises) due to ignorance of the legal matter and the legal side of things.