The best lawyers are not law graduates, claims judge

The best lawyers do not read law as undergraduates, one of Britain’s most senior judges has said, as he claims a generation of barristers and solicitors have nothing in the way of “general culture”
Supreme Court Justice Lord Sumption said it is “very unfortunate” that many fledgling barristers and solicitors cannot speak a foreign language and they have “much less in the way of general culture” than their predecessors.
He suggested that aspiring lawyers would be better taking degrees in history or mathematics before moving on to study law.
“I think that it is best not to read law as an undergraduate,” Lord Sumption told Counsel magazine.
“The problem is that we have a generation of lawyers, and this applies to solicitors as well as barristers, who is coming into the profession with much less in the way of general culture than their predecessors.
“It is very unfortunate, for example, that many of them cannot speak or read a single language other than their own.”

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