Plovdiv to host the biggest world wine competition

fine_red_wine_picture_2_167120Second-biggest Bulgarian city Plovdiv will host a world wine competition in 2016 – the famous Brussels wine competition, which is the biggest competition connected with assessing the qualities of various wines offered worldwide. The competition is informally called world wine championships. It is held annually. The next edition, which we will have the honor of hosting in Plovdiv, will be the 23rd one. The city to host the next is announced at the concluding event for the competition. Fortunately, the candidature of Plovdiv managed to win the votes of the jury. Next year the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv will host the biggest world wine competition from April 29 to May 1. The competition is held each year and welcomes over 350 of the world renowned sommeliers. The procedures of selecting the city to host it are not easy. Almost at the final moment Bulgaria managed to beat off the competition from Italy. We have an exceptional challenge in terms of preparing the competition. The chance we have of presenting Bulgarian wine and Bulgaria as a world wine destination, hosting this competition, is indeed exclusive. It is about the biggest competition connected with wine assessment after all.
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