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Greek business is moving to Bulgaria

Foreign investors are worried about the consequences of the economic crisis in Greece. They could move their business in Bulgaria, according to US Agency “Bloomberg”. Considering that in Bulgaria work many Greek banks, the country apparently would be severely affected by the effects of the crisis, but thanks to low debt and reduced budget deficits […]

Plovdiv to host the biggest world wine competition

Second-biggest Bulgarian city Plovdiv will host a world wine competition in 2016 – the famous Brussels wine competition, which is the biggest competition connected with assessing the qualities of various wines offered worldwide. The competition is informally called world wine championships. It is held annually. The next edition, which we will have the honor of […]

A Bulgarian brewery industry hit top levels

”Bulgarian brewery industry is highly competitive and dynamically developing,” said the executive director of the Union of Brewers in Bulgaria. The brewery industry is an innovative, responsible and dynamically developing sector with significant economic and social contribution,” the director added. According to her in the past three years the investments made in equipment, construction of […]

Bulgarian Programmers – Best in the World

Bulgarian programmers are the leaders in the best reputation, ranking on a global scale, as revealed by an analysis conducted by US media Venture Beat Monday. The review has been based upon the expertise of 14,898 out of the 3,5 million programmers registered on the Stack Overflow Q&A platform for coders. Surprisingly enough, the US is not on the top of the charts, but rather fell to the 53rd […]

Bulgarians get richer

The financial wealth of Bulgarian citizens has increased by BGN 9.4 billion for the past 2 years, according to Personal assets in BULGARIA: financial wealth and housing market report by Industry Watch, Sega daily writes. According to the report, financial wealth reached BGN 59.5 billion at the  end of 2014, compared to BGN 50.1 billion […]