British government bans smoking in cars

no-smoking-1520003Britain bans smoking in cars carrying children. The aim of the United Kingdom is to protect children and young people from the habit of their parents who, due to the inability to smoke in British pubs increasingly do so in their cars.

According to British scientists even one smoked cigarette, especially in the small car space, expose children to high levels of air pollution and carcinogenic chemicals. People often err that opening the window while they smoke would reduce the harm of smoking. Despite of the opening of the window, children absorb the harmful smoke. This motivates the British legislature to resort to this measure.

The fine for violation of the prohibition is 50 British pounds, which is equivalent to the daily wage of unqualified worker. The fine will be imposed even if the windows or the sunroof of the vehicle are open. The measure does not affect convertible cars if the roof is open.
This measure, clamps down on the existing strict control in the UK against smoking.

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