A Bulgarian brewery industry hit top levels

cold_beer_05_hd_picture_167458”Bulgarian brewery industry is highly competitive and dynamically developing,” said the executive director of the Union of Brewers in Bulgaria. The brewery industry is an innovative, responsible and dynamically developing sector with significant economic and social contribution,” the director added. According to her in the past three years the investments made in equipment, construction of new and renovation of existing capacities, warehouses, logistic centers and etc. are estimated at BGN 187 million. Only for the last year the members of the union have invested BGN 73 million in long-term material assets.
The companies now are very innovative in terms of expansion of their portfolios with new products and packaging, which meet the modern tendencies and the requirements of the consumers.
Last year, the members of the union positioned 10 new products in the market, while since the start of this year the dynamics in their development continue,” the expert commented further.

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